Create your Embrace Change Environment

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To prevent that the Digital Disruption will blow you from the market

without any warning signs, because you are too blind to see

Embrace Change Environment


  • a smart workplace where knowledge workers are open to each other, share ideas and operate in an entrepreneurial way;
  • empowers collaboration, the major driver of business performance;
  • allows people to make mistakes: learning from (each others) mistakes makes us better knowledge workers - not any expensive training can do better;
  • incorporates time management focused on getting things done, not on set hours;
  • supports and surrounds networks of people by innovative technologies;
  • drives blended change: the coexistence of generic frameworks for implementing change in people and in processes – learners are engaged to apply new principles as something that is normal;
  • streams change: change is a normal process, occurring on a day-to-day basis - people allow themselves and their way of working to be changed;


Technology radically changes our economic landscape. Companies feel the need for expertise to deal with ‘disruption’: a New Mindset in a New Economy affects business models, customer control and people management.


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Embrace Change and Innovate - Learn, Act, Control

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